Why the “Just Another Mom” Blog?

Yep, I’ve done it. I have jumped on the bandwagon of mom-blogging. I’m usually not the first one to follow trends, but I just could not escape this one. As a new mom, I was constantly looking for advice from other moms who have been there, done that. My usual sources? True to the 21st century: Google and Pinterest. While perusing endless pins and Google searches, I began to notice that the best sources of information related to “momming” came from moms out there blogging about THEIR experiences. But that wasn’t the only thing I gained from seeing these mom blogs. I noticed that these moms were not only creating nice little, mommy communities, but they were making an income doing it! This BLEW MY MIND. I wrote it off at first, thinking, “I couldn’t do that,” and “you probably have to be really tech savvy to do that, or famous.” But I was wrong! Now, my blogging journey thus far hasn’t been easy. It’s been a lot of trial and error, writing and scrapping, and TONS of research, but I think it has been worth it. And most surprisingly, I have found that I really enjoy it! So, here are my reasons for creating yet ANOTHER mom blog.

1) Earn Money

I will be upfront about this. I do hope to turn this blogging thing into a little side hustle. What mom doesn’t want a little extra money every month?? Can I get an AMEN?? You find one who doesn’t and let me know. Anyway, even though I enjoy my day job as an R.N. (most days, let’s be honest here), I would love to make some extra money on the side that didn’t involve being at the hospital ALL the time. And after learning that blogging can be profitable, I jumped right in to learn more. Not to mention, that income generated from blogging is mostly passive and continuous. Now, I did try some of the direct sales gigs, and discovered that is not really my thing. Some are really successful at it, and thrive doing that. But it wasn’t my thing. Blogging seemed to fit me. If you are interested in learning more about how blogging can generate income, or how I did it, follow me! I will be posting as I learn about my journey and what has worked for me.

2) Tap into the World-Wide Network of Moms

Another reason I have created NurseMomGirl is to tap into that endless, worldwide network of moms that has helped me so much. After all, who knows the struggles/rewards of being a mom more than other moms?? So my hopes for this blog is to create another community of moms where not only I can continue to learn from others, but others can learn from me as well. I would love to be there for other moms in a way that other mom blogs were there for me.

3) Spend More Time with Family

Enough said. Who doesn’t want to spend more time with their family? Anything that allows me to be home more with my little one and boyfriend, doing the things we enjoy, I am down for. Like I said before, blogging can be profitable, and this extra income could help me be with my family more. This one life is all we have, and I refuse to let myself miss out on time I could have watching Dear Son grow up.

All of these reasons are what drive me to create NurseMomGirl. Before I found blogging, I was always looking for advice and ways to make more money, and spend more time with my family. And I know there are still others (not just moms!) out there looking for the same thing I was. If you can relate to any, or all of these reasons, and think blogging could be for you, follow me and join me on this journey! I look forward to mentoring others in the way that I was so lovingly taught by other mom bloggers. Also, if you have any questions, comments, or advice for me feel free to leave a comment or follow/contact me at the links below!

“NurseMomGirl,” Kayleigh

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